Italian company for optical solutions

Phoenix – Research and Optical Technologies s.r.l.
was founded by two physicists in 1998 as a spin-off of the Italian National Institute for the Physics of Matter–INFM (now CNR-IFN).

Phoenix is an high technology company in the field of the Photonics and Spectroscopy.

•  Consulting for the applications of advanced optical technologies
•  Development and marketing of systems and machines

Consisting of physicists, electronic engineers, information engineers, realizes entirely the own systems, from the design to the prototype, to the final industrial device.

•    Photonics from infrared to X-rays
•    Vision systems for high speed processes
•    Hyperspectral techniques in SWIR range
•    Spectroscopy
•    Fluorescence analysis
•    Software development for the vision and the control of the hardware

•    On-line quality control for agro-food applications
•    On-line quality control for mechanical applications
•    High speed on-line hyperspectral system for identification of materials
•    Bio-sensors for the detection of contaminants
•    Bio-medical applications