International and national projects

POR CRO PART FESR 2007-2013 Action 5.1.1 Interregional cooperation. "Contributions to the financing of projects of industrial research and experimental development, inter-character"

NOTICE N. 1/2013 - CUP: H25C13000410009

POR CRO parte FESR 2007-2013
Azione 5.1.1 - Cooperazione Interregionale
Regione del Veneto

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Italian Space Agency (ASI) national call, 2011 - Role: partner
Realization of an optical system in order to make an high resolution film of the evolution of cellular growing in condition of microgravity

Italian Regione Veneto Regione Veneto L.R. 9 regional call, 2009 - Role: partner
Laser technologies for characterization processing of pharmaceutical glass vials

Italian Regione Veneto ‘Azione Biotech III’ regional call, 2006 - Ruolo: primer
Project of a portable optoelectronic biochip for the reading of anticorpal and cellular microarrays for diagnosis in oncology

Italian law 46 national call, 2003  - Role: consultant
Laser system for not-contact distance measurements on large machines with some microns of resolution

Italian Provincia Autonoma di Trento regional call, 2002 - Role: consultant
Dual technology Xrays - NIR system for the detection of foreign bodies with very low density difference in fluid fruit and vegetable

European Community  CRAFT, VPQ - Role: primer
XPLORE - High Resolution X-ray System for on line Foreign Bodies detection in fruit and olives