Some Customers

Agro-food quality control

Agribulgaria - Ferrero Group – BG (alchool cherries);  

Kuminiano - Santorelli Group – BG (SO2 cherries);  

Cesarin spa – IT (SO2 cherries);  

IDAV spa – IT (SO2 cherries);  

Italcanditi-Vitalfood – IT (SO2 cherries);  

Fabbri1905 spa – IT (SO2 cherries);

Frubella Proccessing Sp. z o.o.
– PL (frozen cherries);  

Vitamor – H (alchool cherries);

illycaffè spa
– IT (coffee);  

Comefru – IT (dried prunes);  

Agricola Siemel – Chile (dried prunes);

Menz&Gasser spa
– IT (jams);

Mechanical quality control

Amcor Packaging Italia S.r.l. (on-line detection of pinhole in aluminium foil);

PM Sas – IT (on-line control of holes on high speed metal sheets)