Collaborations with research centers

•    ASTRALAB (in collaboration with ASI – Italian Space Agency)
Realization of an optical system in order to make an high resolution film of the     evolution of cellular growing in condition of microgravity (in progress)

•    SPR (in collaboration with LUXOR - Regional Laboratory CNR-IFN - Photonics and Nanotechnologies Institute)
Project of Optical Sensor in the field of nanotechnologies based on Surface Plasmon Resonance for the monitoring of biological substances (in progress)

•    PRODESYS (in collaboration with University of Padua)
Project of a portable optoelectronic biochip for the reading of anticorpal and cellular microarrays for diagnosis in oncology (in progress)

•    XPLORE European Community CRAFT Project (Primer PHOENIX)
High Resolution X-ray System for on line Foreign Bodies detection in fruit and olives